Elevator Pitch Intensive

499,00 zzgl. Mwst

Online training – live

Time: 08. August: 9 – 17 Uhr



Sucessful entrepeneurs go straight to the point

Image you cound express yourself that precise, everybody listening to you is enthusiastic about your business in less than 1 minute.

To how many business people would you like to talk now and how much would you enjoy networking events?

Elevator Pitch Intensive ist ein Praxistraining für Selbständige, Vertriebsmitarbeiter und alle, die sonst regelmäßig Netzwerkevents

You will learn:

+ How to get your desired customer within 1 minute
+ A winning template for a great presentation
+ Focus on your customers benefits exactly and easy to understand
+ 7 creative entries for 100% attention from your start
+ How to use exciting specials to be kept in mind
+ Be more charismatic with accentuation and body language

After doing this training you are ready for an Oskar-winning „Best of“ presentation and can use the template in every sitation and for every content.

Thus you are perfectly prepared for your next networking event.

A special bonus are the other participants of this training.

What do you expect to happen next after a docent other business people perfecty understand who is you desired customer and how he can benefit of your service…? 😉


[Das Video bezieht sich auf den 3 stündigen Kurzworkshop]


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